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Today I have something really exciting to share with you guys. Some time ago I got contacted by a brand named Capitola, who sell really pretty watches and guess what… they wanted to work with me!

I can proudly call myself now a Capitola ambassador!


Now of course, I know there are a lot of companies online that like to scam people, so I did my research first and eventually I ordered a couple of watches (I had received a code with a discount, totally honest about that!) After having some worries about customs and the ridiculous fees that come with that if you order something from outside of the EU – Don’t worry everyone! They’re based in Spain, so there will be no customs duties that have to be paid in order to receive your package. PFEW!


There are a lot of different types and colours to choose from, so there’s definitely something for everyone available on the website.


For women, they offer six different types of watches, with a lot of different colour options:

  • with a mesh band
  • with a shiny band
  • with a velvet band
  • with a leather band
  • small watches
  • watches with marble details

They also sell watches for men, though those are only available in mesh and leather versions.

The watches are sturdy and beautiful. They arrived in one piece and had a really nice and sturdy box which they were transported in. There’s a little screwdriver in every box too, in case you need to adjust the size of the band. Because yes, you can!

At first I had some difficulties opening and closing the watches. I wasn’t used to the mechanism used, but after a bit of fooling around with them I managed to open and close them and now, I’m totally free of difficulties in that department. It takes some getting used to, but once you understand the logic, you’re good to go.

Same goes for adjusting the size. You just have to pop up a part of the lock (using the tiny screwdriver), then you can just slide the lock to the wanted size and after you popped back the lock, all is set!


And I have some good news for you guys! If you use my code ‘Karlitosmummy‘, you get 15% off your order! If that isn’t nice, I don’t know what is!


I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this review. Let me know down below what your favourite brand of watches is, or if you maybe have some experience with Capitola Watches already. Which one is your fave?

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    Dini Decker (Mittwoch, 05 Juni 2019 08:51)

    Ich liebe sie ❤ sehr schöne Uhren! Man kann sie vorallem in der Größe anpassen und je nach Modell die Bänder wechseln.
    Viel Auswahl, viele tolle Modelle